Monday, February 28, 2005

Cybersurfing at Sea

Here I am, on the Rhapsody of the Seas, sailing between Galveston and Key West and burning 10 minutes online because I have a 'net coupon. :-) Yesterday was a good start to the trip except for the part where I came >>this<< close to passing out during the life boat drill. Still not sure what the hell that was all about! I feel fine today. I just came back from a wine tasting, (another coupon freebie!) which I almost didn't go to because I didn't think I'd like any of them. I'm pretty much the opposite of a wine snob...a wine moron or something. But surprisingly, I liked them all and am feeling pretty mellow right about now. Ahem. I've finished one book so far -- "Bet Me" by Jennifer Crusie. Loved it...perfect fun vacation read! How did I not know she lives in the Cincy area? Damn...that's practically my back yard! No wonder I like her books! Tomorrow my sister and I have some girly time scheduled...a massage and facial, then in the afternoon we'll dock in Key West and several of us are going on a pub crawl. So that's pretty much it so far....I'm eating too much food, drinking too much booze, doing nothing useful, and having a blast. I have another free 10 minutes I'll use later in the week. Until then.... Excuse me, can I have another pina colada?