Sunday, March 20, 2005

News Flash!

Sylvia: "From WOUC, we have a breaking news story. We now go to our man in the field. Bob?" Bob: "This just in....DebR has A Quilt Idea. After weeks of studio inactivity, we finally see some signs that things may be turning around. Our reporter on the scene saw Ms. Richardson scribbling inexplicable doodles on graph paper this morning and looking speculatively at her teetering piles of fabric." Sylvia: "Wow! Exciting news, Bob! Can you make out just what Ms. R might be attempting with this new project?" Bob: "Sorry, Sylvia. It looks like a bunch of chicken scratches to me. But I'll keep you posted. From Bob Katt, that's the latest on Gobbler Knob. Back to you, Sylvia." Sylvia: "Thanks Bob. Stay tuned, folks. We'll keep you updated as the story progresses. This is Sylvia Slutterbug, signing off."

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