Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Disgruntlement

It's Monday. Considering that I don't currently have a work-outside-the-home type job, that shouldn't mean anything any different than any other day, but still somehow Monday carries that "weekend fun time is over, back to the grind" sort of stigma to it. It's a gorgeous day here today - sunny, warmish, classic Kentucky spring weather...the kind we brag about but seldom really get. I should be in a great mood and I'm a bit ashamed of myself that I'm not, but the truth is I'm feeling disgruntled. (Is there any such word as "gruntled"? It seems that one should be gruntled before one can be DISgruntled, but I've never heard of anyone being gruntled. Anyway...) I'm disgruntled that I'm still getting tired so easily, even though I'm technically more-or-less over being ill. I want to be really over it, not just more-or-less over it and I want it NOW, dammit. I'm disgruntled that I haven't been able to think of anything decent to write for this month's Blogging 4 Books contest, even though I like the theme. Here I've been urging all of you to enter and I can't come up with an entry myself. Sheesh! I'm not giving up just yet though. I have until midnight tonight to come up with something (and so do you!) so maybe my brain will surprise me. Sigh. I'm disgruntled that EvilDemonKittySky decided this morning that The Perfect Place to Puke was all over a stack of sketch books and graph paper pads that I had on the sewing desk. I'd been looking through them to try to get inspired to start something quilty and I went to the kitchen to get coffee. In the time it took me to get the coffee and come back to the sewing room (NOT house isn't that big!), he'd managed to get varying amounts of CatPuke on nearly everything in the stack. We are talking YEARS worth of design sketches here. I cleaned them up as best I could, but some of it is beyond hope. I am not amused. (On the plus side, before the Great Cat Puke Incident, I had sort of an idea for something I might try in fabric. We'll see...) I think I'll go pay bills now. It has to be done and since the day is already Mondayfied, might as well go give away money to the electric company and other boring places. Sorry to grump at you all. I will hope to be more gruntled tomorrow. I took this photo yesterday on my walk. Pretty, yes? "Pear Blossom"