Saturday, April 08, 2006

It's a Weekend Meme Thing

At some point in my stumbling around the 'net, I stumbled over this meme and thought it was interesting. Here's the deal. You go to Wikipedia and enter your birthday in the search box - just the day, not the year. It pops up with all sorts of things that happened on that day in various years. You list three events, three births, and three deaths that have occurred throughout history on your birthday. My day is March 15. Events
  • 44 BC - Julius Caesar, Dictator of the Roman Republic, is stabbed to death by Marcus Junius Brutus, Decimus Junius Brutus and several other Roman senators on the Ides of March
  • 1820 - Maine becomes the 23rd U.S. state.
  • 1998 - Titanic defeats Star Wars for the #1 place in the North American domestic box office, grossing $471 million.
  • 1767 - Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States, (d. 1845)
  • 1835 - Eduard Strauss, Austrian composer (d. 1916)
  • 1975 - Eva Longoria, American actress
  • 1673 - Salvator Rosa, Italian painter and poet (b. 1615)
  • 1937 - H. P. Lovecraft, American writer (b. 1890)
  • 1998 - Benjamin Spock, American pediatrician and writer (b. 1903)
I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to steal it if you want to play! For today's Daily Art Thang I'm sharing a photo that is technically all wrong, but I love it anyway. It's weird how that happens sometimes. I love the quality of light it shows and the transparency effects where the petals overlap. "Sunlit Petals"

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