Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday: April Fool, Week 1

The SPT theme for April is "April Fool" - be foolish in front of the camera. A fun theme! Yay! I love the fun ones. Will I still say that by the end of the month? Hhhmm...Well, we'll see. Sometimes choosing to act foolish (or having the camera around when foolishness occurs on its own) isn't always as easy as it sounds. We can but try! This week I'm sharing a photo that was taken last week when four of my friends were visiting. Nancy and I both have a sort of a Thing for old hats, so whenever we go someplace that has them we always have to try a few on. On the day this photo was taken, Nan had spotted a "lovely" blue and white flowered number you can see in a photo in today's other blog entry. Then my eye was caught by a hat that looked as if someone had taken a lawn flamingo, skinned it, glued velvet to the feathers, and made a hat from it. We all had to ask ourselves "What would it look like if we put the Lawn Flamingo Velvet Hat on a RedHaired Woman in a Purple Shirt and told her to act like an Idiot?". I mean, come on...Who doesn't ask themselves that question at least once a week or so?? Well now, my little cabbages, you may wonder no more. You have your answer. It would look like this: "The Answer"