Friday, April 07, 2006

Simple Still Life: Month the Eighth, Part the First

The Simple Still Life theme for April is "Floral". Technically, that probably means I should pick some flowers, set up a still life containing them, photograph it, and use that as a starting point. But I don't wanna. Heh. If I change my mind in the next couple of days, I can always post something else. Or for that matter, maybe I should spend a little time this weekend going through some of my old photos. I'm sure I have oodles that fit the description above. But for now, I'm choosing the two below as my potential starter photos, even though they're technically both landscape close-ups rather than still life photos. "3 Daffodils" "3 Grape Hyacinths" No idea where I'll go with this idea, but we'll see!