Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Project Runway: The Finale

Chloe won! Shock!!! Seriously, that's my reaction, total shock. From the spoiler photos I'd seen before the broadcast, Chloe was the one I least expected to win. It's interesting though to see the difference in how all three collections looked moving along the runway compared to the still photos seen around the 'net earlier. I liked Chloe's better on the runway than I did in the stills. I also liked Daniel's better on the runway. Santino's, which (much to my amazement) was my favorite in the stills...well, I still liked it, but not quite as much once I saw it on the runway, for exactly the same reason the judges mentioned - the fit. Once the models were in motion I could see some serious fit problems that didn't show up in a single frame, especially some terminal cases of Boobage Gaposis. I still Looooove that red dress with the leather bust though. HubbaHubba! I really think we'll be seeing more of both Daniel and Santino in the future. Sooooo...Congrats to Chloe! I may have had my doubts about her runway collection, but I thought she did a super job throughout the season (she had one of my top three favorite looks for the majority of the challenges) and I'm very happy for her. And congrats to Grace who I'm sure will look superfantastic in Elle magazine. On to Season 3!

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