Sunday, March 05, 2006

Name That Quilt Series! Contest Winners (yes, that's right, plural)

Hi honey, I'm home! I know, I know...Y'all are saying "you were gone??". Yep, I was. My hubby had to work out of town this weekend but he was close enough for me to drive up and see him, so I left yesterday morning for a date and got back this afternoon. The people across the hall from us in the hotel were having a VERY good time last night and I hardly got any sleep, so I'm going to go take what my friend Morven calls a NanaNap in a minute, but before I do I wanted to update you on the Name That Quilt Series! contest. First I have to say that you're all SuperFantastic for coming up with so many ideas, ranging from fun and funny to elegant and evocative. Before we get to my final decision, there were a few that didn't win that I have to mention as Honorable Mentions because I loved them so much. kristen's suggestion of "Boris and Natasha" is Too Funny. I'm not going to use that as the series name, but I might use that idea to name an individual quilt or quilts within the series. I don't feel too bad that you didn't win though, kristen, because you won the "which movie did this song come from?" contest last weekend and your prize is going to be one of this same series of postcards. So that's not so bad, right? (I'll get your postcard in the mail later this week.) I also loved Morven's suggestion of "Efflorescence" and Laume's suggestion of "Capriccio", both of which fell into the elegant and evocative category. But I know my own lazy ass too well and had visions of becoming very frustrated over time as I a) had to keep looking up how to spell those words and b) had to explain to everyone and his cousin what they meant. So I regretfully decided to pass. And since I Loooooves me a good pun (Hey!..."good pun" is NOT an oxymoron! Sheesh!), I laughed out loud at Lilymane's suggestion of "Summer Moose (Some Ain't)". But again I ran into the mental wall of "if I do things with this series long-term, do I want to constantly explain the series title to people who don't get why I think it's hilarious?". And again, my answer was a regretful no. I found I kept coming back time and again to the various titles that either a) incorporated the word spiral or b) incorporated the idea of dancing - dance, tango, samba, etc. Those were the ones that felt the most right to me, but none of the titles submitted combined the two ideas, so I did that myself. The name of the series is going to be "Spiral Dance". Hope y'all like it, but I like it and since I'll be the one living with it, I suppose that's what counts, yes? So as promised, I gave everyone who participated a chance to win for each suggestion submitted. And since there were so many, I decided to draw two names instead of just one. I drew one name from among all the entries and I drew a second name from among only those entries that incorporated the words "spiral" (or "spira"), "dance", "tango", or "samba". The first name I drew is Laume and the second is Henna! Congrats you two! I hope you enjoy your postcards! I now need snail mail addies for both of you so I can send your cards. One leeeeetle bitty potential problem though - Henna, you have your profile set to anonymous and you didn't provide an email address in comments as I'd requested, so I'm hoping you'll check back here and see this! I'll wait a couple of days, but if I haven't heard from you by Tuesday, 11:59 PM US Eastern Standard Time, I'll draw another name (you can find my email address on my sidebar or my profile page). Laume, I have your email addy, so I'll contact you privately for your snail mail addy. Again, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who took the time to comment!! Y'all are the BEST!