Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday: All of Me, Week 4

Finally, at long last we come to the final Tuesday in February - the final week of February's SPT theme of "All of Me", wherein we're supposed to "embrace our mistakes, love the ugly bits". Frankly I don't consider the mistake I'm about to embrace to be MY mistake exactly, it's more like a mistake of Mother Nature, but I still think it fits the theme, so here we go. Embracing my real hair color I'm convinced I was meant to be a redhead. There are even some natural redheads in my extended family, so it's not like it wasn't a genetic possibility. But it wasn't to be. I was a blonde child who grew into a mousy-light-brown-haired adult. These days the light brown is sprinkled with gray. I actually don't mind that so much. If I was entirely gray - especially if it was a really pretty, silvery gray - I might even stop hitting the bottle (the bottle of L'Oreal, that is) and let it all hang out. It's the gray/light brown combo that I don't love with my skin tone. It makes me look so washed out that if I don't wear make-up every single day, complete strangers ask me if I feel ok. Seriously. So for many years I went back to the blonde of my childhood and these days I'm showing my inner redhead. But here, for this challenge, I'm showing my roots. Literally. My chosen red is embracing my mousy silver-brown. You see, I find that if I embrace my real hair color and talk nicely to it, I can lull it into a false sense of security and it won't struggle when I smother it with toxic chemicals and plastic wrap!! Bwahahahahaaaaaa! Prisoner number 022806 Charge: Mousy Murder Yeah, I know. I'm losing it. Is it March yet? I like the theme for March.