Friday, February 24, 2006

Not-So-Random Thoughts

(I'm pretty sure I have some sort of theme going here if I wanted to take the time to figure out what it is.) You know I find myself this morning still sort of wanting to talk about "Rent" and to delve into some of the artistic and creative decisions made by the director and why I do or don't agree with them. But I seem to recall that the last time I did that (about "Pride and Prejudice") I turned hoards of readers (well, ok, SEVERAL readers....sheesh) into virtual zombies as their eyes glazed over and they scurried away and, just wasn't pretty. So maybe if the urge doesn't pass and I just totally can NOT control myself, I'll post something later in a whole separate entry so that only the hard-core mean FANS...yeah, that's that only the hard-core fans can read it and everyone else can scroll quickly past and pretend they didn't see. In other news, who else out there has been watching this season's version of "Dancing with the Stars"? I haven't talked about it much (ok, I haven't talked about it at ALL...y'all are tough this morning!) because I've been so caught up in the Project Runway craze, but I've been taping it every week (while watching Survivor; see, I'm confessing all sorts of things this morning!) and then watching it later so I can fast-forward through the interminable commercials. Last night was the next-to-last show and it was the first time I regretted not watching it live so I could call in a vote because Oh. My. GAWD. Drew and Cheryl's free-style routine was freakin' AWESOME. I rewound and watched it three times! Until last night I was torn over whether I wanted Drew or Stacy to win, as I felt they both had distinct strengths, but last night nailed it for me. I'm rooting for Drew! I took Yet ANOTHER quiz the other day. (I know...I KNOW! It's a sickness.) This one was really interesting to me though, in that instead of having little multiple choice boxes to tick, where quite often there is no right answer, this test let you use sliders and graphs and things to choose where you wanted to place your answer to the nth degree. It even had some questions where you could choose more than one answer, like agreeing somewhat with This, but even moreso with THAT. Very different. I liked it. And I thought my results were pretty durn accurate, except for where they compared their results to Meyers-Brigg's and equated me with ESFP and every time I ever take any version of Meyers-Brigg's I ALWAYS test as an INFP. Another thing I thought was interesting is that they generate what they call a "DNA badge", which is a sort of color, graphic representation of your test results. I think that's a stupid name for it, but still, visual person that I am, I found it intriguing. They don't have a way (at least not that I found) to post results directly to the blog, but if anyone is interested enough to bother, you can see my results here. It seems I am an "Encouraging Creator". If you take the test, I'd love to see your results too! If you want, you can post the link in comments or you can email it to me. Finally, for the Daily Art Thang, I'm going back to the same Rusty Thing as I showed yesterday, but this photo was taken on a different day and from a different angle. I love how abstract it turned out - almost architectural. I like that if you didn't know what it was, you, well...wouldn't know what it was! (Does that make sense? Don't answer that. Heh.) "Rusty Prongs Revisited" Oh yeah, and I just have to say this and get it out of my system: Blogger's Spell Check function sucks rocks. Big ones.