Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday: All of Me, Week 3

Time for the third installment of the February SPT theme of "loving the ugly bits". Is it just me or does anyone else think we really need a fun SPT theme for March?? Anyway, onward with February. Loving My Freaky Fingers Well. That sounds vaguely improper, doesn't it? And it looks worse. See for yourself: That isn't a photo editing trick. That's actually something I can do with my thumb so that I sort of slide it out of place, and then wrap my fingers around it to make a fist, and it looks like I'm holding a dismembered digit. Charming, eh? Well what can I say. We all have our talents. Ahem. And for what it's worth, little kids usually think it's way cool. Hhhmmm...You know what? I knew it was weird-looking when I did that, but I never realized quite how truly bizarre it looked until I was foolish enough to take a photo of it for this challenge. Dayum!

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