Wednesday, February 15, 2006

High Five Meme

Laume tagged me for this meme a few days ago. I did something similar a few months ago (I should probably find that post and link to it, but I'm feeling lazy, so ppfffttt) but some of the questions were different, so I decided to take Laume up on her tag and do her version too. What Were You Doing Ten Years Ago? I was married, living in Somerset, KY, working at a veterinarian's office. And apparently, according to my photo albums, I was trying (with some success!) to get an amaryllis bulb to bloom. What were you doing five years ago? Living here, doing pretty much what I do now. I couldn't find a photo from February of 2001, but in January of that year my friend Morven and I went to a quilt retreat together. What Were You Doing One Year Ago? Writing this post and preparing to go on a Caribbean cruise. (Wistful sigh.) What were you doing five hours ago? Sleeping! Five Snacks You Enjoy 1. Frappuccino (especially caramel) 2. Popcorn 3. Cookies (homemade, or good bakery cookies, not factory-made stuff) 4. Tortilla chips with salsa or guacamole, or both 5. Fruit (most kinds) Five Songs To Which You Know The Lyrics At the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, I know the lyrics to dozens of songs. Maybe hundreds. I don't try to learn them - they just stick. It's one of my many weird quirks. Laume mentioned a couple of my favorites and so did Mad Organica who did this meme before her, so rather than repeat any of those I'll list some of my other favorites. Oh! Here's an idea! I'll do a theme list of five. One of my favorite car games on long trips is to think of a musical and see how many of the songs I can sing from it. So all of these are from Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Cinderella": 1. "Impossible! It's Possible!" 2. "Ten Minutes Ago" (fits the MemeTheme, yes?) 3. "Stepsisters' Lament" 4. "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?" 5. "A Lovely Night" (If my BIL is reading this right now I bet he's saying I'm a freak. Hi Andy!) Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire (that you can't do now) 1. I'm taking this one straight from Laume's list - hire a staff! Specifically I'd want a personal assistant, a cook/housekeeper, and a groundskeeper/handyman. 2. Travel more extensively than I've been able to so far. 3. Give more help to some of my favorite causes - social, political, and personal (which would include some gifts or help to friends and family). 4. Buy J some of the pricy " man toys" he moons over - like a bulldozer, some special woodworking power tools, a 4WD dump-bed ATV, stuff like that. 5. Buy myself absolutely any books, movies, artwork, or shoes that take my fancy without the slightest thought to whether I actually need them or where I'll put them. (In this fantasy I can build extra rooms onto the house if I need to. Also, in this fantasy a million dollars is evidently going to go a long, LONG way!) Five Bad Habits Only five? (sigh) 1. Wasting time 2. Biting and picking at my cuticles and finger tips until they bleed 3. Reading the last page of a book first if I'm not sure I'll like it 4. Holding pins in my mouth when I sew 5. Too often choosing taste over nutrition when it comes to food Five Favorite Things in My Home (things - not people or pets) Rather than listing whole categories of stuff (like books), I looked around and chose to feature certain specific things that I have in my house that make me happy when I see them or use them. Oh, and I chose six because I wanted my photo-collage to be symmetrical. (Freak, remember?) 1. The little oak desk where I do paperwork. After years of searching for the Right desk - right size, right shape, right amount of drawers and cubbies - in every antique shop, flea market, and yard sale I went to, I finally got The Desk as a gift from my grandfather when he was downsizing his houseful of Stuff. (The packrat thing is genetic.) 2. My favorite of the blue vases in my rather extensive collection of colored glass. This one was a gift from J and again it's just Right - not too big, not too small, great shape, and I love the clear glass detailing. I probably use it more than any other vase in my collection. 3. My fire-engine RED KitchenAid mixer. I wanted one for years and always thought it was too expensive and would take up too much counter space. Finally, a year or two ago, I decided I was worth it and asked J to get me one for Christmas, and omigawd...I HEART this mixer, and I don't care if that's entirely too 1950's-housewife of me! I should have gotten one YEARS before I did. It works perfectly and the color makes me smile. 4. The worn, faded, completely hand-stitched Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt that my great-grandma McNeil made for my mother when Mom was just a little girl. 5. My favorite Kentucky-crafted hand-made Bybee Pottery coffee mug. I say favorite because I have more than one, but being hand-crafted, each is a little different and this is the one that fits my hand like it was made for it. I'll be so sorry when this mug inevitably breaks someday. 6. The big honkin' oak fireplace mantle that I salvaged from a house J and I remodeled. I refinished it myself, and it was the first time I'd ever refinished furniture. Nothing like jumping in the deep end! I'm still really proud of the work I did on it. Five People I'll Tag Long-time readers know my philosophy about tagging for memes. I only do it if someone wants it done! So if you want to play, leave a comment saying "tag me!" Or email me if my comments thingy isn't playing info is in my sidebar. I'll then add your name and a link to your blog below this paragraph so everyone can go see what you have to say. Tagged: 1. Rachel