Friday, February 10, 2006

What's That Shiny Red Thing in the East?

Breaking news! Today you get to see a photo taken less than an hour ago! Can you stand the excitement?? "At the Crack of Sparrow Fart" (clickable) Ok, ok, a sunrise photo may not be that exciting to most people, but I don't generally DO mornings, remember? And that means I seldom see sunrises. I'm more of a sunset kinda woman. And when I do see them they're seldom this spectacular, just because of where we live. Our sunsets are usually much flashier than our sunrises. But this morning J had an early flight and I dragged my ass out of bed before daylight to have coffee with him and keep him company before he left, so when I saw how great the skyline was looking, I had to dash into the back yard for a photo op. Of course those of you who are up on your folk sayings will realize that this spectacular sunrise can foretell Bad Things - "Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning". And yep, sure enough, they (you know...THEY!) are predicting a snow storm, starting this afternoon. THEY are saying we could have anywhere from 3 to 6 inches by this time tomorrow. Bleah. Did I mention I also don't DO snow? It doesn't seem to stop snow from doing ME now and then though. I need to go to town to mail something anyway, so I suppose I might as well go to the grocery store along with the rest of the world, and stock up on a few things in case I get snowed in. If I DO get snowed it, maybe it won't be so bad as long as a) my electricity holds so I can continue working on the FABRIC piece I started yesterday (notice how subtly I slipped that in? heh), not to mention continuing to have heat, and b) my 'net connection holds so I can continue to email and blog. My 'net connection is often unhappy during snowstorms, but I'm going to try talking nicely to it, and telling it stories of warm things like quilts and hot chocolate and fuzzy puppies, and hope it hangs in there. Meanwhile, before I go fight the crazed hordes of shoppers who all must - MUST!! - buy every last scrap of bread and milk before we're snowed in forever and evermore, amen, I must mention two things. One - Joshilyn has posted this month's Blogging 4 Books topic and there are almost no entries so far. So those of you who like to do that sort of thing, go check it out and see if the topic speaks to you! You could win an autographed book if the judges like your post the best. I have an idea for a B4B post, but just haven't had time to get it organized and written. That's one of my goals for the weekend, (assuming I have internet access!). The entry deadline is midnight Monday, your local time. And last, but far from least, big Happy Birthday wishes going out to Mary! Hope you have a great day, Mary, and that it involves hugs and cake.