Saturday, February 04, 2006

Not So Hor-O-Ble

Time for our monthly Hor-O-Scope with Crazy Aunt Purl! Here's mine:
PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20) It's half past backbone time. Remember when you thought your lucky number was 1-800-2PLEASE? Indeed, the people-pleaser gene is so strong in you that I sometimes wonder if you have ever done anything just to please yourself. Have you? Wait, don't answer that. Ya'll just start getting all defensive and that does neither of us any good. Try instead to remember your daydreams, the ones that involve you being successful and happy. Your real wants are right there, beneath the surface. As soon as you realize that the most important person to please is the person in that daydream, which by the way should be YOU, you'll be on your way.
As I commented to Laurie on her blog, I am going to assume I'm on my way then. I totally agree about Pisces people tending to be people-pleasers but I grew a pretty decent backbone a long time ago. I remember reading something once, years ago, that struck me between the eyes (ouch!) and stuck with me. In the book "Devil-May-Care" by Elizabeth Peters, one character is describing another and says this: "Kate said something to me once. She said she spent the first forty years of her life worrying about what other people thought. She figured half a lifetime was long enough." I thought that sounded perfectly reasonable, but I also thought that since none of us knows how long our lives will last that maybe 40 years was too long to worry about what other people think. We need to consider the needs of those we care about, but we can't sacrifice everything we need without eventually being left with nothing more to give. So from that moment on I've been trying to make sure that one of the people I'm pleasing is me!