Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Boundless Joy

Good Mail A while back, I participated in a BaggO' sCraps swap with an email group I'm on. Yesterday I received the quilt that Dara made from (mostly) the scraps I supplied. "The Heart Unchecked Knows Boundless Joy" (27 1/2" x 23") by Dara Tokarz Cool, yes? The center is machine quilted, but the outer part is hand-quilted Sashiko-style (is that the right word? I hope so) in designs that play up the pattern of the indigo batik Dara used. Take a look: detail And how much do you love the way she edged the quilt with that blue eyelash yarn? Mucho love for that here! Now I have a decision to make. Well, actually, I have two decisions to make. One is where to hang it. I'm thinking about that one. The other decision is whether to leave it as-is or to add some embellishment that Dara thought about adding and ended up deciding not to because of time constraints. She was picturing a scattering of round shapes with stuff dangling from them, a bit like abstracted jellyfish, and said if I wanted to add anything like that myself we'd consider it a collaborative quilt. J likes the idea of jelly-fish shapes. I think maybe I do too. What do you think? Either way, thank you, Dara, for all the work and creativity you put into this gift. I love Good Mail days! Art o' the Day Since Dara made the quilt, that doesn't count as my "post a DebR-made art work per day" thingy, so today you get another photo from me. I chose this one based on the title of the quilt Dara made. "Boundless" Hard to beat the boundless joy of a dog splashing through a rippling creek. Off To Play My previously-canceled Girly Time has been rescheduled, so in an hour or two I'm taking off to play for a couple of days. The friend I'm staying with has a 'puter and a 'net connection so I'll try to log on tonight with my usual PR dish session, but can't promise to make it. I'll also try to log on to post my art of the day thingy, but if I can't manage it I'll play catch-up when I get home. By this weekend I should have some photos of my Girly Time and perhaps even Stories of Fun, so stay tuned. Later 'gators!

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