Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Project Runway: Project Inspiration

Ok, first of all, I LOVED the idea of this challenge - giving the designers digital cameras and an hour to take a bunch of random photos of anything that caught their eye and then challenge them to create a design based on their favorite photo. I thought it was, well...inspired! The execution of said challenge though? Um, not so much. The judges and I were in agreement about the top two best designs, but AS USUAL the one that would have been my pick to win came in second. I LOVED Andrae's "gutter water" evening dress. It looked elegant, expensive, and beautiful, and yet was very clearly based on his inspiration photograph. And it was also my favorite because his inspiration photo was something most of us would see as ugly and he made something beautiful out of it. I thought that was a very cool thing to do. The judges raved about how different the silhouette of Daniel's outfit was and yes, it was different, but I didn't think it was as flattering or wearable as Andrae's. And I thought his inspiration photo was "easier"...more obvious. Don't get me wrong, I liked Daniel's outfit. I thought he did a great job. But I would have been happier if he'd come in second. I also liked Nick's outfit, but didn't think it deserved to win because I think he was reeeeally stretching the idea that he was inspired by that photo. I could see nothing in common but the colors. And speaking of Nick...poor Nick and poor Nick's-former-model-Tara (is that the right name? I'm not very good with the model's names)!! They'd been a team for so long and worked so well together and she was forced, with NO SAY in the matter to go from working with one of the best designers to working with one of the worst. And I supposed that'll mean she's out next week because Daniel's model is excellent too, so I can't imagine he'd switch. It's SO not fair to her. Zulema totally deserved to go and I won't miss her a bit, but it sucks that she took Tara down with her. To start with, I thought it was UNinspired that Zulema would take her inspiration from another garment. And then she took that boring starting point and made something that looked like it came from a seventh grade home ec class. Sheesh. And now Nick is left with MarshmallowGirl for his model. Oy. At least she's willing to try harder for him than she tried for Zulema, so maybe she'll improve. I thought Kara's outfit was almost as bad as Zulema's. I wouldn't have been surprised or sorry if they'd dumped them BOTH this week. The only thing I could say for it is that it was sewn better. The fit of it on her model was horrid though. Boring AND bad fit? Come on, guys. It's getting a bit far into the competition for that, yes? And Santino. Ok, as much as I've ragged on him, I have to say I'm loving hearing his impressions of Tim Gunn. TOO funny. So I'm kind of glad he's still around. But his dress. ACK. He did TRY to listen to Tim and the judges this week, bless his little heart. It's more than he's done any other week. It is, therefore, extremely unfortunate that he ended up making something that looked like a poorly constructed knock-off of Austen's grammy dress from season one. What was UP with that weird paper-bag waistband? On an evening gown??? No, no, no...SO wrong. And that sort of wrap-halter-strap looking thing on the top that wasn't symmetrical, but not asymmetrical enough to look deliberate? What was up with THAT? It just looked like a mistake. It looks to me like Santino is currently hanging on by his curly little beard hairs. Being Mr. Drama can only carry him so far. Or at least that's what I HOPE. Oh, I almost forgot Chloe! Hhhmm...well...I'm afraid that pretty much says how I felt about her effort this week. Y'all know she's normally way up there in my list of favorites, but I thought her garment this week was, well...forgettable. Not BAD, just not especially good. I hope the Real Chloe is back next week, Tim's Tough Love talk notwithstanding. That's all the PR dish from me this week, kids. Later!

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