Friday, January 27, 2006

Comments on the Groovin' Grovin' Comments

First of all THANK YOU to all you who took the time to tell me you liked my "baby". ::::beam:::: It made me feel all warm-fuzzy-ish. And more importantly it makes me feel more motivated to do some more of the work instead of just doing my preferred winter activities. You remember those, right? The books, the movies? Yeah. I'll still be doing them too, but maybe I'll be doing some more sewing between now and Spring and that is an improvement for me over some years when I don't lay a finger on fabric for 3 or 4 months at a time! Hope you don't mind this group reply, but when there are lots of comments, it's much simpler to do it this way than to try to respond individually. You're all pretty and you're my favorite visitors - you, and you, and you, and yes, you...over there! In response to a couple of comments: Arlee wrote: "HOW did you get the illusion of depth? Or is it real depth? Those trunks make it look as if they are in the foreground and you are looking through them to the forest--i can see the forest *and* the trees!!!" Did you mean this latest piece, Arlee? Or did you mean the original "Grove" quilt? This one is flat, but the first one in the series DOES have some 3D elements. The forest grove in the background is a separate quilt, while each individual birch tree trunk is a separate (from the background and from each other) finished piece which is wired on the edges, sort of like wired ribbon, and attached to the background with various depth spacers to make each one stand out a bit from the background quilt. I like the effect and may play with it again in the future, but it was certainly, well....technically interesting to accomplish! The next two in the "Grove" series just didn't feel to me like they needed that extra 3D element. Who knows when another quilt will demand that element though! I can definitely see myself revisiting that idea at some point. I'm fascinated by both the idea of introducing extra layers into what is already a "layered" medium" and by taking away those layers in areas and having see-through elements in quilts. (I've done that in several.) Karoda wrote: "Is the the 2nd in your seasonal series here?...the bright coloured sun is the heat of summer and now this which is all about winter!" Hhhmm...I've actually never thought of the sun series as seasonal, but I have no idea why because it certainly could be! I don't think of the "Grove" series as strictly a winter thing, but rather a series that is about the woods and spans the seasons. The original "Grove" includes elements of all seasons, while the second one is about the woods in spring and this latest one is about the woods in winter. Also, the original quilt was about something I saw in a dream, while the next two are inspired by things I saw in the real woods here on our property. But they still feel like they all go together to me. I hope I didn't miss anything that needed more of an explanation. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting, everyone! You made my day!