Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quilt Content Ahead! Yeah, Baby!

Ok, y'all, I promised quilt content before the week was out and today is the day! Remember when I posted the photos of the nearly square branch-and-vine thingy I found in the woods the other day? Well this is the quilt inspired by those photos: "Grove III: Winter Glyph" (17" x 15") piecing and raw-edge applique, some fused, some not Here's a detail shot: "Grove III..." detail I kind of love how this turned out, so if you totally hate it, don't even tell me because it'd be like telling a new momma that she has an ugly baby. Heh. The colors are SO not my usual thing, but still...did I mention I love it? I have an idea for something else I want to work on in similar colors. Maybe even a couple of "something elses". Inspiration to work in fabric in January? ME? Ms. "Hibernate-'til-Spring"?? Be still my heart. Next thing you know I'll start liking snow. Naaaahhhhh.... PS: If you want to see pics of "Grove" and "Grove II", you'll find them here. PPS: Happy Birthday Dara!! Hope you have a truly wonderful day!!!