Saturday, January 28, 2006

Because I Don't Already Have Enough To Do (Heh)

Inspired (as I so often am!) by Julie, I've started a second blog where I can "file" just the images from my Daily Art Thangs and have them all organized in one place without any other commentary or extra "stuff". It's called Red Shoe Ramblings: 365 Days of Art. If you already read RSR, you won't find anything new there. I'm still going to post the Daily Art Thang here. But if you ever want to see just the photos all in one place, you can pop over and take a look. I've added the link to my sidebar, over there >>>>> underneath the link to my website. Speaking of the Art Thang, I kind of thought I might post a drawing today simply because it's been a few days since I've done that, but yesterday turned into One Of Those Days where I didn't get much accomplished, so that'll have to wait. Instead I'll post a slightly-altered photo that continues the theme of my fascination with Rusty Things: "Rusty Pipes"

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