Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hit 'n' Run

This is one of those rare (for me!) mornings when I really don't have much to say, so I won't. Say much, that is, at least not at the moment. I have a fabricy idea or two floating around in my brain and want to do some studio work today. Yeah, baby! In the meantime I want to share three things with you. Good Mail This is from Deborah. She said the shoe fabric (which is one I love and had never seen before!) just jumped into her hands and insisted on coming to my house and so she sent it along with one of her wonderfully inspirational collages. Thank you, Deborah!! Good Words I ran across this website in some blog surfing and had to give it a try. You enter the URL of your blog and it creates a "word cloud" from some of the most commonly used words it finds there. (If you click on the site, be aware that it'll try to sell you a t-shirt with your word cloud on it, but you don't have to buy it.) Here's mine: (I enlarged that...hope it's still readable) Good Grief! I'm back to posting another photo for the Daily Art Thang, but hopefully I'll have a fabricy something to share soon. Stay tuned. "Tangled" Good Memory? NOT! Let's make that four things to share today...I almost forgot, check out the top puzzle on the Artful Gift puzzle page this week and see if it looks familiar! When I did it yesterday morning I got the fastest time, but I figure that's only appropriate considering I made the quilt that's pictured. Heh. Janice decided to make this one an 80-piece puzzle, which makes it hard because the pieces are so damn tiny! But if you decide to try it and want something faster, there's a place on the left where you can click on "change cut" and change it to a 48-piece or something.