Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowy Branches

Yesterday morning when I woke up there was 2 - 3 inches of wet snow clinging to every surface. I took a few photos from the porch (which wraps around three sides of the house) before I even got dressed, which turned out to be a good thing since the day warmed up rapidly and most of the snow was gone by late afternoon. From the point of view of me being able to get out and around and do things, that was great, but from a photo op point of view it was a little disappointing as I'd hoped to get some good shots a little later in the day. Never mind. I would be willing to bet that's not our last snow of the winter and someday soon I'll probably be sorry that I ever wished for snow to stick around for even a little while! Anyway...I'll share a few more photos as the week goes on, but for now here is a little series as my Daily Art effort. The first photo is a natural shot of the branches of a tree that stands just off a corner of the back porch. I like the graphic quality of it - the way it almost looks like a black and white photo, although it's technically color. "Snowy Branches 1" I decided to play around a little in Photoshop and see what other looks I could come up with and the next two photos were two of my favorites from that experiment. "Snowy Branches 2: Moonlight" "Snowy Branches 3: Storm Clouds"