Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary to J and me!

Today J and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary. He's working out of town this weekend, so we don't happen to be celebrating together, but I know he's thinking of me, as I'm thinking of him and we'll do something fun when he gets home. "Seventeen Years" If you want to celebrate with me, here's a glimpse into our wedding photo album: My 6'4" husband of a few minutes hugging my 4'10" Aunt Helen. Our friends' daughter, Danielle, and my youngest cousin, Stephanie, giggling over the gift table. Both those "little girls" are now in their 20's. Ack. Proof that we had fun, although after all these years I have no idea whatsoever what we were laughing about. I usually hate photos of myself where I'm laughing and have the whole squinty eyes and big mouth thing going, but this is one of my favorite snaps from that day. "Seventeen Minutes" (give-or-take a few)