Sunday, February 19, 2006

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #6

I'm expecting a houseful of visitors in a few hours, so this will be brief, but I have to say: 1. Thank You to everyone for the well-wishes about our anniversary yesterday! You're all pretty. :::beam::: 2. My blog entry about the Blonde Tanya Club is a finalist in the February Blogging 4 Books contest! Yay!! My friend Laume is a finalist too. Yay Laume! Kudos not only to those who made the list of five finalists, but to everyone who put themselves out there by entering. 3. Colin Firth and Dale Midkiff - some sort of cosmic twins? I'm just sayin'.... 3b. I wonder the same thing about Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett. 4. Gauchos. Why? The culotte thingies, I mean. Not the South American cowboys. There are a lot of cattle ranches in South America, so I understand the need for the cowboys. I do not understand the need for the return to fashion of culotte thingies that are extremely unflattering to 90% of the people who wear them. 5. We had snow yesterday. It's already started to melt, but here's a couple of photos in honor of the occasion - one straightforward view from my back deck and one "let's zero in on something with interesting lines and play with Photoshop" dealie. "Snowy Post" "Black and White" Off to do hostess-y-type things now. Later, y'all!

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