Monday, March 13, 2006


*Want to Win a Book? (for those picky souls who insist on correct spelling and so on) Of course you do! Who wouldn't want to win a book?? Here's how you can do it: Joshilyn has just posted the theme for the March Blogging 4 Books contest on her blog. What, you might ask, is Blogging 4 Books? It's a monthly contest where the host (Joshilyn) sets a theme and anyone who wants to participate has one week to write a blog entry that somehow relates to that theme. Or - Bonus! - if you've already written The Perfect Entry on that theme at any point in your blogging past, you can enter an old post. Or - BonusBonus!! - if you don't have a blog, you can still write something because Edgy Mama has agreed to provide blog space for those poor blogless souls who would like to play. All you have to do is email Anne (Edgy Mama) and include your entry in the body of the email (not as an attachment) and ask her nicely if you can crash on her blog for a while. (Or something like that) See how easy Joshilyn has made it for everyone to enter! Once you've written your SuperFantastic blog entry, you go back to Joshilyn's blog (very important! Joss's blog, not HERE!) and post the link in the comments section of her B4B post. And then you sit back and wait to see if you've won! After the entry deadline, a Special! Guest!! Blogger!!! reads each and every entry with great care and narrows the field down to seven finalists. Why, you might ask (since you seem to be in a question-asking sort of mood), am I so excited about that? Because this month, I am the Special! Guest!! Blogger!!! who will be choosing the finalists. Yay! After I choose the finalists, da judge for this month, Sarah Smiley, author of "Going Overboard" will read the seven finalists' entries and will choose her top three favorite entries and the first place winner receives an autographed copy of her book. Pretty cool, yes?? Second and third place winners don't get a book, but they get some extra blog traffic and some "oooohs" and "aaaahhhs", which is still pretty dern cool. This is what Joshilyn has to say about this month's topic:
"Write about the military. HOW BROAD IS THAT? SO broad. You can talk about anything from your own experiences in the military, or your own experiences as a pacifist, or how hot Jake Gillenhaal looked in Jarhead, or how Michael Kors could NOT see the military influence in Daniel V's collection for Project Runway, and how when Daniel pointed out the BIG HUGE OBVIOUS MILITARY boob-epaulette on the front of an evening dress Michael Kors said, "Oh, THAT thing. I can't tell you how bad I want to RIP IT OFF that otherwise pretty dress," or how the Trojans were SO dern dumb for buying that whole "hollow horse" ruse, and how the fact that the horse was used to SNEAK AN ARMY INSIDE THE CITY makes Trojan such a BAD name for a condom.

Heck, I'll take anything with the word SOLDIER in it.


So yes, please, Go, my Creative Friends!!...Write!...Post your link on Joss's blog so I can go read it. I want lots and LOTS of entries to choose from this month. I want to weep from joy at how hard it is to narrow down so many wonderful entries, not weep in despair at how little there is to choose from!

Let's break records for B4B entries this month, y'all. Come on...make me proud! Huzzah!

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