Thursday, March 16, 2006

Poetry Thursday: Brief and Fragile

I'm actually writing this on Wednesday in the hopes that I'll get a chance to hop on a 'puter for a minute and post it on Thursday. And I did! Yay! It's Thursday morning as I'm typing this and I'm having a great time so far! I'll tell more in a day or two. I can't stay on here long (borrowed 'puter!) but wanted to say thank you for the birthday wishes! We now return you to your regularly scheduled pre-written blog post. I don't know that I'll be a regular participant in Poetry Thursday, although I love reading others' entries, but my friend Jaye gave me a couple of books for my birthday (thank you, Jaye!), including a lovely book called "A Grateful Heart". It's a book of blessings and some of those blessings are poems. I rather loved the one below. It's a celebration of the ephemeral. I can relate. I don't think I would appreciate some of my favorite things nearly as much if they weren't here and gone so quickly, so that I know I MUST take time to enjoy them before they're gone....Things like spring flowers, rainbows, dew on spiderwebs (sans spider, please....shudder), the time when dogs are puppies and children are toddlers. (Yeah, yeah, real original, I know, but What.Ever. I like them and I'm saying so. If you can do better, go for it! Heh.) I love the use of language in this poem too. It sings to me. I hope it sings to you. To the Brief and Fragile
To all that is brief and fragile superficial, unstable, To all that lacks foundation argument or principles; To all that is light, fleeting, changing, finite To smoke spirals, wand roses, To sea foam and mists of oblivion... To all that is light in weight for itinerants on this transient earth Somber, raving with transitory words and vaporous bubbly wines I toast in breakable glasses. ---Maria Eugenia Baz Ferreira
"Brief and Fragile"