Monday, March 20, 2006

One Last Reminder

Don't forget, you have until midnight (your time) tonight to enter Blogging 4 Books! I can just hear some of you now whining "but, Deee-eeeeb, that's not enough tiiiiiiiime". Well to that I say "HA!" Last month's winner didn't even have an idea until the very last day and then she sat down and raced the clock to get her entry written and posted before the deadline. She cut it so close that I'm pretty sure she left a glass slipper on a staircase someplace in her race to beat the stroke of midnight. And by gawd, she Won the BOOK! So take a look HERE to find the rules and to see how very broad the topic is. Then either write a blog entry or find one of your old blog entries that fits said topic, then go back HERE and leave a comment with a link to your entry. After all the entry links have been posted, the first round judge (always a blogger, and this month that would be Me!) visits all the entrants' blogs and reads each and every entry and narrows it down to seven finalists. Then those seven have a swimsuit competition...Oh, wait, NO!...wrong contest, sorry. Heh. Then the final round judge (always a published author, and this month that would be Sarah Smiley) reads the entries of those seven finalists and chooses 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The 1st place winner gets a free autographed copy of Ms. Smiley's book! The other two don't usually win a book, but they get increased blog traffic and the adoration of the masses. Pretty cool, yes? So c'mon, give it a try! Dorothee who asked about B4B, I tried sending you an email but got a weird error message. If you didn't get it and you see this and are still interested, let me know and I'll try again!