Friday, June 09, 2006

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #19

1. I finished Dean Koontz's latest book, "The Husband." I liked it! He does some books that have a sort of paranormal twist and some that are straightforward suspense novels. This was one of the latter. I don't want to say much, since this is a Spoiler-free Zone, but I thought it was very good. Not his all-time best, but worth a read. I'd give it a B+. 2. I lead such a glamorous life, y'all. Want to know how I spent my Thursday? Closet Purge! WooHooo! Pretty exciting, yes? Ok, no. But it sure felt good when I finished. I should've taken before and after photos. I noticed when I was putting laundry away on Wednesday that the amount of Stuff in our bedroom closet was reaching critical mass. So yesterday I dragged all the Stuff from my part of the closet out and tossed it onto the bed and then spent the afternoon sorting, trying on, checking for rips or stains and sorting into piles. I now have a big Pile o' Stuff waiting to be bagged up to go to Good Will and I have another big Pile o' Stuff waiting to be torn into cleaning rags. I'm even getting rid of a few pairs of shoes (gasp!). The remaining Pile o' Stuff was put back on hangers and back into the closet in a fairly organized fashion, where it now has a bit more breathing room and maybe won't get so wrinkled. Now if I can just get J to do the same thing to his side of the closet. Heh. 3. There's a new blog dedicated to Haiku if you want to check it out: One Deep Breath Anyone who stops by RSR regularly knows I loooves me some Haiku, so Yay! I may not participate every week, but I'll have to try it now and then, including today. Each week Susan and Jennifer plan to list a prompt. This was the prompt for this week: "Walking In Nature" - Go for a nature walk, take your camera along (if you like) and a notebook. Find some inspiration, write a haiku, take a photograph... So I did and this is my result (and the photo is also my Daily Art Thang). Tarnished silver skin. Break through the sunlit surface Then dive out of sight. "Haiku Fish"