Sunday, June 04, 2006

Question, Quiz, and Quercus

Here's a question for you. Why does my cat hate the rug I bought for J's side of the bed? (After we installed that lovely new floor, he - J, not the cat - complained of cold tootsies when he couldn't find his slippers right away. Pppffftt!) It's a simple rag rug, but it's nice enough, see: Yet I turn my back and when I look at it again it looks like this: I straighten it up and move on to other things and in a little while I see this: I straighten it AGAIN and a little while later I see: AHAAA! Caught in the act! I still don't understand why he thinks he needs to kill it. Anyway, moving on... Hey, kids! If it's Sunday, it must be Quiz Time! WooHooo! I discovered I'm a: True English Nerd You scored 78 erudition! Not only do you know your subjects from your objects and your definite from your indefinite articles, but you've got quite a handle on the literature and the history of the language as well. Huzzah, and well done! The English snobs of Boston salute you. My test tracked 1 variable: How you compared to other people your age and gender: You scored higher than 99% on erudition. Take the Are You Truly Erudite? Test written by okellelala on Ok Cupid For today's Daily Art Thang, I took the scan of the sketch I posted on Friday and messed with it in Photoshop. Here's the result: "Oak Leaf and Shadow, Revisited"