Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Couple of Quick Non-SPC Thangs I Want to Share

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the first week of SPC's Pop Art theme! And thank you to everyone who sent me wishes for my back to get better. It's still bothering me today, but I'm trying to take it easy and I'm sure it'll feel better eventually. Despite the stupid back thing, I had a great time this past weekend! I got to spend time with J and then with my sister, brother, niece, nephew, dad, stepmom, and then with J again. Also, I bought shoes. Anytime I buy shoes is a bright spot. Check 'em out: Oooooh, Shiny! I love flip-flop season, when the shoes are toe-baring, sparkly, and cheap. I've realized that for me there are four seasons in Kentucky: Pretty Leaf Season, Gloomy Cold Depressing Season, Pretty Flower Season, and Flip-Flop Season. And speaking of Things I Like, Blogging4Books is up and running for June, and the theme is "Magic." Great theme with lots and lots of possibilities! Was your first kiss magical? Have you lit candles and chanted in the moonlight? Have you studied magic at Hogwarts? Did you get up on stage as Marvelo the Magnificent and pull a rabbit out of a hat in a talent show? Do you believe in magic (in a young girl's heart)? Have to believe we are magic! He's a magic man, Mama! (Sorry, got lost in the '70s for a minute there.) So if you want to write a blog entry about magic and try to win a book (Free Book = Good Thing!), just follow the link above and post a link to your entry. And remember, you don't even have to write a brand new blog entry for this. If you have an archived entry that fits the theme, you can enter that (all you Sunday Scribblers take note!). Now I need to think of ideas for this myself. Hhhmmm...

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