Wednesday, October 04, 2006

SPC: Imperfection, Week 1 - Stubborn Denial of Reality

The theme this month for the Self-Portrait Challenge is "Imperfection." We're being asked to share our flaws. You know what? I don't like this theme. I didn't like this theme when we did essentially the same thing a few months ago and called it "All of Me" (show us the ugly bits) and I don't like it any better the second time around. Most of us are hard enough on ourselves already. Do we really need to highlight stuff that makes us feel bad about ourselves? I'm thinking no. So my first impulse was to pass on participating in the SPC this month. But that felt like giving up to me and I don't like the idea of not meeting a challenge. So I thought maybe I could find a way to put my own unique spin on this thing. Hhhmmmm..... I have a few ideas on that so we'll see how it plays out as the month goes on. This first week though, I'm going with my first impulse when I don't like a situation - to stubbornly deny that the situation exists. You want me to show you stuff I don't like about myself? Sorry, I can't HEAR you! I'm in my Happy Place where the sun is shining and the birds are singing and I am the epitome of womanly perfection. It helps me to stay in the Happy Place if I close my eyes. To further enhance the experience, I'm trying to train my dog Riley to cover my ears with her paws to block out the rude sounds of Reality, but she doesn't quite have that part down just yet. So for now when you ask to see my flaws I'll just say "Lalalala...I am not listening; I am not listening to you." (Bonus points if you know what movie I just misquoted.) "Self-Portrait - Stubbornly Denying Reality" (clickable)

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