Monday, October 02, 2006


I'm baaa-aaack! Betcha didn't miss me this time unless you noticed I wasn't responding to comments or doing any blog visiting. But I managed a few minutes on the 'puter to publish some posts I had ready to go so I didn't have to play catch-up with my Daily Art Thangs when I got home. Yay! I went to my sister's house for the weekend and had a great time. (Thanks for having me up, Sandy and Andy!) No Purple People Bridge this weekend, T.C., unfortunately. I wish I could've managed that, but the weekend was too busy. I still want to do it though! I'm hoping this turns out to be one of those years we sometimes have in Kentucky where the gorgeous fall weather goes on a good looooooong time before real winter weather sets in. If so, I might still manage a trip to the PPB before the year is over. If not, it'll have to wait for spring (dammit). One of the great things about going up for a family visit this weekend is that it was Homecoming weekend for my brother's kids, so I got to see them all dressed up. Check out the outfit Amber wore to the football game: Cute, yes? She designed and created the shirt herself out of a plain white t-shirt, including painting on the letters and the Wildcat face. I thought it turned out great! It's hard to tell in the photo above, but she had on some fabulous fake eyelashes that were a mixture of bright blue and metallic silver. Here's a close-up where you can see them: I liked them so much that after she took them off I borrowed them and wore them for a little while: That's Josh in the background, but I painted out part of the pic because he was making an obscene gesture behind our backs. I got my revenge later though, when I took him by surprise and actually got a decent photo of Mr. NoOneGetsToTakeMyPhoto. HA! All the photos above were taken Friday night. Then Saturday evening we ran over to Mark's house to take pics of the kids dressed up for the dance. Here's proof that once in a very, VERY great while Josh will not only allow someone to take his picture, but will even give the crowd a little smile: ShortGirl and Josh (Yes, I know ShortGirl's real name, but I'm not sharing it because I didn't ask her if I could) Don't they look good? I actually got several photos of them. Josh said I was allowed to take ONE, but unfortunately for him I suck at math. However I'll play fair and only post one of them. ;-) And here's a photo of Amber, who looks gorgeous, as always: The only photo I took that would've shown her whole dress turned out blurry (gggrrr..... Sandy, if you got a good dress photo, would you email it to me, please?). Other than bugging the crap out of Mark's kids with my camera, we mainly just did some shopping and talking and watched a movie or two, stuff like that. It was nice! Here's today's DAT: "A Modern Family Portrait with Pizza" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window) Tomorrow is Self-Portrait Challenge day and I'm still, this close to time, trying to decide whether to participate or if maybe I'll skip this month. (Or maybe I'll post SP's but not stick to the prompt or post links on the SPC website.) This month's theme of showing our flaws seems all too similar to a challenge we had a few months ago and it was one I didn't like the first time around, so I'm not at all sure I want to reprise it. We'll see....

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