Thursday, September 28, 2006

Poetry Thursday: Indelible Ink

Let's see if Blogger will cooperate with me getting this posted. It wasn't playing nicely at all before I went to bed last night. Hmph. Today the prompt for Poetry Thursday is about synaesthesia. I think that's great, as the topic fascinates me. Amber wrote a very cool post about a particular type of synaesthesia just a few days ago. I've had bits and snippets of poetry ideas running through my head this week, things that would fit the theme, but nothing I could pull together in time to share this week, so I'll hope to revisit this prompt another week. Meanwhile I'm just going to share a poem I like. To the Engraver of My Skin I understand the pact is mortal, agree to bear this permanence. I contract with limitation; I say no and no then yes to you, and sign - here, on the dotted line - for whatever comes, I do: our time, our outline, the filling-in of our details (it's density that hurts, always, not the original scheme). I'm here for revision, discoloration; here to fade and last, ineradicable, blue. Write me! This ink lasts longer than I do. ~~~Mark Doty Today's Daily Art Thang has absolutely nothing to do with the poem, it was just a photo I'm pleased with, taken using my new camera's macro function. "Carnival Glass" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window)

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