Monday, September 18, 2006

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #27

1. Tomorrow be Talk Like a Pirate Day! ARR! Since tomorrow be Self-Portrait Challenge day too, I've decided ta celebrate a day earrly. If ye want ta get in the spirit o' things ye can go ta this here website 'n' find out more. Er if ye really want ta get in the spirit o' things ye can do what I'm about ta do 'n' go ta this here website ta ha' yer blog post translated into Pirate lingo. Shiver me timbers! If ye don't want ta speak Pirate, it says the site will also translate into Goth, Superhero, 'n' more. Maybe I'll try those another day. 2. Be it no wonder me asparragus plants always look like the tops be chewed out o' them? (photo taken in me aft yarrd) 3. Blow the man down. Don't ye hate it when ye needs be admit ye might needs be change yer mind about something? Me matey Nancy be a HUGE fan o' Bob Dylan. I be most decidely not. This chair be high says I! I've always thought he was a terrific chanteywriter, but ha' never been able ta stand his voice. Me matey Morven summed it up perfectly fer me when she said, "'Everybody Must Get Stoned' ain't just a chantey title, it's a suggestion fer how ta enjoy hearrin' him sing." ARR! So imagine me surprise when I got a package in the mail last week from Nancy 'n' that package contained this here CD along with a note that said "Please give Bob a chance. ARR! I'm a pirate! This here be his new album 'n' it's fab! This here be me campaign ta change yer mind." Imagine me even greater surprise when (after rollin' me deadlights 'n' thinkin' "yeah, right"), I popped the CD into the player 'n' starrted ta listen 'n' discovered I didn't hate it. Really! I'm not goin' ta claim I love it so much I'm ready ta go out 'n' starrt buyin' 'n' playin' All-Bob All-The-Time er anything, but I find this here parrticularr collection pretty darrn listenable. Avast me hearty mateys! Go. ARR! I'm a pirate! Figure. Thanks, Nan! I think. ARR! Heh. 4. Daily Arrt Thang: "Bless this here Nest" I promise I'll belay talkin' like a pirate tomorrow. Avast me hearty mateys! Well, mostly anyway.

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