Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yep, that's personal all right!

Hey, y'all. It's Wednesday and I have no more letters to turn into WordPlay. Aaarrrggghhh! I miss it! I had something else in mind to post today for my first PostWordPlay Wednesday, but I was gone most of the day Tuesday, first running errands (like grocery shopping, HoHum) and then helping J with a project, so I ran out of time and will have to save that for another day. I have two itty-bitty things to share and we'll call it a wrap. The first is something I got in the mail Monday and when I saw what it said I started laughing and I showed it to J and told him, "I am SO blogging this." Take a look: I wish I could tell you what was inside, but I can't. After I scanned it I threw it away without opening it, since it was obviously VERY important to the sender that this oh-so-PERSONAL message be opened by the addressee only and my name is neither "Postal Customer" nor "Current Resident." Oh well, I guess we'll never know what they wanted. I'll be brooding about this for...Hey! Guess what else! I bought a new camera! I concluded that there is no such thing as my perfect camera yet, just as I suspected. But after both Jennifer and Deirdre recommended this camera, I had a look at it and ended up deciding to buy it. (Not at that website though. I found it cheaper elsewhere.) I'm still keeping my 4 MP, weather-resistant, Olympus point-n-shoot camera. It's not as tiny as some on the market, but it's definitely small enough to be considered pocket size and I'm used to how it works, so it'll still be a great option for when I need something small and rugged. The new one is larger, but still reasonably compact and it has a lot more options in terms of being able to manually adjust the camera settings and being able to add lenses later if I want. Once I figure out its tricks, it should be a good camera to take a wider range of shots than I can with my Olympus, but it doesn't have either the bulk or the hefty price tag of a true DSLR. I just hope the memory cards I ordered (from a different place than where I got the camera) arrive soon because the measly one that came with the camera holds a grand total of four - count 'em!...1, 2, 3, 4! Woo. Hoo. Today's DAT is the best of the first four I took. Please realize that "best" is relative. This is not a great photo and not something I'd normally post as a DAT, but I can see that once I learn to use it properly I might be able to get some really good photos with this thing. In this photo, I was trying to keep the poke plant in the foreground in focus and the background soft. It worked pretty well, considering I took the photo from several feet away in kind of crappy light. "Poke Plant" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window)

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