Friday, July 22, 2005

Shoes, Studio, (too)Slow, and Scotty

How is it that I managed to go to Toronto (albeit several years ago) and never knew they were home to The Bata Shoe Museum? What a brilliant idea for a museum, eh? I NEED to go there some day! No studio work today other than cleaning up from the postcard-making-frenzy and looking (unsuccessfully, I'm afraid, at least so far!) for a design sketch I'd done a while back and thought I might want to revisit. Oh well, we all have those kinds of days. Stay tuned... I've been watching for DAYS for Pamela Allen's postcards to show up on the ACS auction page and still managed to be too late to get one. Aaaarrgghh!! Anyone else have better luck? And finally, I just want to mention how sad I was to hear that James Doohan, aka Montgomery "Scotty" ("I can't change the laws of physics, man") Scott passed away Wednesday. He's the only member of the original Star Trek cast that I ever saw in person, when he gave a guest lecture at the college I attended. To this day I couldn't tell you what he talked about, but that didn't matter. He could have read the phone book and I'd have been interested because he was SCOTTY. He will be missed.