Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You Can't Choose Your Family...

...but thank goodness you can choose your friends. My grandpa Keeton and his new-ish wife have come up to visit my dad and his new-ish wife, so I'm taking off for a familial visit. I hereby resolve to stand up for myself, yet try to hold my temper when my grandpa, who I know loves me, but who is the worlds biggest pain in the patootie and knows how to push ALL my buttons, tells me every single little thing that's wrong with my life (in his not-so-humble opinion). Sigh. I just keep trying to remind myself that he's old, set in his ways, not about to change, and that he's my only remaining grandparent. It's ok to love him without always liking him very much or agreeing with ANY of his opinions. Did I mention that he's a Republican? And a bigot? And a homophobe? And a fundy Christian? And that we each pretty much believe that the other is completely and totally wrong about every single thing under the sun?? Um, yeah. Fun times. Ok, breathe, Deb,'s only one day out of your life. Photos to follow...maybe. If I remember. Heh. Talk to you all in a day or two.

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