Saturday, July 09, 2005

Unkymoods Is Back!!

Never mind that the world is being overrun with crazy people. Never mind that I got my blood results back today to find out that my triglycerides are twice what they should be, and my blood sugar numbers are wildly erratic (and that's with meds and after doing the 20 days of virtue thing...gggrrr), and they aren't quite sure where the results of the CA-125 test even ARE. Never mind that my body has decided to revert to menstrual cycles that remind me of the ones I had when I was a teenager (NOT a good thing). Never mind that a quiz I took today after reading about it on Joshilyn's blog tried to tell me that if I was a book I would be one that I refuse to read because it sounds both weird AND depressing. I could handle weird and fun. I pretty much AM weird and fun, or so I'm told. But weird and depressing? No thanks. But NO! Never mind ANY of that. Unkymoods is back to brighten up Blogland and I will now sleep peacefully one more night. Welcome back, little Unkymoods icon. I missed you.

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