Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Thinking Up A Title Is Too Hard Today

I'd love to say I have something marvelously clever to blog about today, but the truth is that while I feel emotionally better than I have the past few days, physically I'm fighting a bad headache that's trying hard to go migraine on me. If I could still use my Unkymoods characters, I know just which one I'd choose. BTW, for other Unkymoods fans, that domain is now showing "under construction" so I'm not going to give up yet. I have my fingers crossed that the artist is just moving hosts and redoing his website and not that his domain has been let go and overtaken by someone nasty. I took some photos last night on my walk, including some color studies of plants and an "arm stretched out" self-portrait, but I don't feel like dealing with editing and uploading right now, so we'll save those for later in the week. I also finally may have a spark of a quilt idea, but you'll have to wait on that too. Hopefully my eyes will focus better soon. Gggrrr.... In the meantime, if you want to see a rather wonderful collection of quilts made by artists in Western Canada, take a look at the Fibre Art Network website, at both the gallery and exhibit pages. I browsed through them while having coffee this morning and enjoyed it immensely --- nice range of styles!

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