Sunday, June 26, 2005

Studio View and Linky Stuff

Yesterday, Julie posted a photo of the view out her studio window and asked the question, "What does yours look like? I'd be interested to see what other art quilters are staring at while they muse on their work.". Good question, Julie! So here we go.... I have two windows in my studio, but one is over by the 'puter desk. The other, however, is right above my sewing work table. So this morning, about 10 AM, I took a couple of photos out my window, screen and all. (Adds texture!) This one is if I'm actually sitting at the sewing machine and look up. Obviously it looks toward the driveway and garage. There's a really pretty flower bed beside the driveway. It currently has several varieties of daylilies in bloom. This photo was originally going to show you that, but before I could take the picture EvilDemonKitty Sky jumped up and stuck his 18 lb. body in the way. But that is so typical of him that I decided to just take the pic and leave him in it. He so often IS a part of my view out the studio window! This second photo is out the same window, but taken if I roll my chair left, away from the sewing machine and toward my cutting table and general work area. You can *just* see the edge of the daylily bed at the far left of the photo. And of course you can still see EDK Sky taking up a big hunk of the right side. And here is a bonus photo of a smartass husband jumping around and making faces as he sees his moderately crazed wife taking pictures out the window. Now here are some links you might enjoy. A couple of months ago, I wrote a little review of a book called "Drive Like Hell" and Friday I got a note from the author's publicist that included a link to author Dallas Hudgen's blog. Fun! Last weekend I went to Cincinnati and blogged about the cool Mushroom House I saw. Well it turns out there's another house called The Mushroom House, this one in Canada, and it is equally cool! There's a website with photos of both the interior and exterior. I LOVE it. I want to live there. Except....well...isn't Canada kind of cold in the winter? So, yeah....don't think so after all. (ducking and running before that Logan Chick hits me [grins]) And finally, here is a link to a recent art review that was in the Lexington (KY) Herald Leader, wherein the critic comes to the startling conclusion that sometimes quilts can be ART! (gasp!) Who'da thunk it? Beauty of quilts is in meaning, not stitching This is a link to a little write-up about the exhibit she was reviewing and has photos of a couple of the quilts. I inquired about if the Fiber Optics group had a website, but haven't gotten a response, so this'll have to do. 'Fiber Optics: Kentucky Art Quilts' on display June 4-July 29 I haven't been to the exhibit myself yet because I didn't know about it until reading the article, but I'll try to go sometime before it closes. Morehead is only about 40 miles away. Guess I'll go wrestle with some more thrice-damned fabric flowers now. Bleah.