Friday, June 24, 2005

Five Foto Friday

It's been a few weeks since I did a Foto Friday, so last night I took the camera for a walk and here is the result. First of all, since it has been at LEAST a week since I've posted a picture of any of my flowers (snort!) here is the shade bed at the edge of the woods in my back yard. It was the inspiration for my June journal quilt in 2003. The hydrangea is "Annabelle" and the large-leaved chartreuse-y hosta is "Sum and Substance". I don't remember the name of the blue-leaved hosta. The daylilies are just plain wild ditch lilies. They were here when we bought the place and I planted stuff around them. Next I had some fun with some weird imagery that caught my eye. As I was getting ready to take a close-up of the branches of my curly willow tree, I noticed that I could see my shadow creeping up the ground and onto the leaves I was about to photograph and I thought "Oooh! Weird Self-Portrait Opportunity!" So here's the photo. Look in the very center, both on the ground and on the leaves and you'll see ShadowDebR. Wish I was as tall and thin as the shadow makes it look like I am! :-) I snapped this next one when I noticed EvilDemonKitty Sky sitting in the dining room window watching me. I wondered if he would show up if I took a photo or if all I would see was the reflections of the outside in the window. Turned out to be a little of each and I thought it made kind of a neat composition. Kitty In A Window And finally, here is some old rusty wheel thingamabob that my dearest darling threw into a corner of the raised bed at the end of the house. I have no idea what it is or why it's there, but I haven't objected or moved it because I actually find it rather interesting looking. Here is photo number one of "The Rusty Wheel Thing and Hosta Leaves". Here is "The Rusty Wheel Thing and Hosta Leaves" after I've had Fun In Potoshop. Hope you enjoyed Five Foto Friday. Now I guess I'll go say bad words at some fabric again.