Friday, June 17, 2005

A Rant and A Quilt Progress Report

This was one of the headlines in the Yahoo news section today: "Runaway Bride Says 'I Do' to TV". According to the story, the Georgia woman who faked her own kidnapping a couple of months ago is now getting paid $500,000.00 to tell her story. So, ok then, if I could use a cool half-mill in the bank (and who couldn't?!) all I have to do is lie to everyone who knows and loves me, cause those same loved ones unimaginable fear and grief as they believe I'm hurt or possibly killed, and cause law enforcement agencies all over the country to waste untold dollars and man hours solving a "crime" I made up because I didn't have the courage to admit to having second thoughts about a decision I'd made. Then I just say "never mind", come home, pay a few fines, do some community service, and collect the big bucks for telling my story to the media. Have I got that about right? AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Does anyone but me think there's something seriously wrong with this picture??? Duluth, Georgia, Mayor Shirley Lasseter summed up my feelings perfectly when she said, "I think every cent she makes needs to be given to organizations for missing children and adults so it can be used to help someone in a situation which she created falsely." Quilt Progress On to quilty news.... I finished about half the quilting on the newest piece yesterday. Thanks for all the comments, y'all. And, Dara, I LOVE your title idea!! I think you've nailed it! Ta, ever so! (smooch, smooch) More quilting is in the plan for today, then I have some embellishment to do and some more shading, which I'm doing with colored pencils, a la Gabrielle. I won't be able to work on it tomorrow, as that's my Field Trip Day to visit Sally Anne in Cincinnati, but still, I hope to have finished pics to post by early next week. Stay tuned...

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