Monday, June 13, 2005

On to Plan B

Remember a couple of days ago, when I said I had a quilt idea but wasn't quite sure how to get it to look in fabric like it looked in my head? Well, I had an idea. It seemed like a pretty interesting idea, so I spent several hours in the studio yesterday afternoon working on it. Then I pinned the result to the design wall. Then I blew chunks. Ok, ok, not really, and besides that was a disgusting thing to say. But let's just say there was a distinct sound of rock suckage in the room when I saw what I'd accomplished. In all fairness to Plan A, the result wasn't entirely horrendous in and of itself, it just wasn't right for what I'm working on. But I actually may throw it into the scrap bin and see if it works for some other idea later. But that still left me topless. QUILT topless! Sheesh! So I spent most of today working on Plan B. I can't say the result is exactly what I was picturing in my mind, but I think it works. Only about half a top done at this point, but I like what I see so far. I hope to have enough done to justify pics by the end of the week. Check in soon, same BatTime, same BatChannel.

PS - It doesn't surprise me that the spell checker doesn't like the word "suckage" since I sort of made that up, but what the hell is the problem with "topless"? IMHO, the writer of the spell checker needs to get out more.