Friday, June 10, 2005

From One Mermaid to Another

Those of you who have read RSR for a while know that I have kind of a Thing for mermaids, despite the fact that they have a fish tail instead of feet and cannot, therefore, wear SHOES, poor things. This morning I fired up the 'puter to find a really nice email from artist Kim Leaman, which included a link to her website, The Mermaid Queen. I spent some time looking around there this morning and while I hate websites with frames (sorry, Kim!) the frames were worth it to get to see her gorgeous sea glass jewelry (listed under Mermaid Jewelry) and some cards from a mermaid Tarot deck she has created (which I like MUCH better than the "Mermaid Tarot" commercially available from Llewellyn). If you get a chance, take a look! I bet you'll be glad you did. Back to work for me now. I'm in the designing stages of my next quilt, which is NOT the quilt I thought it was going to be, but this idea has grabbed me and won't let go. So the original idea is just going to have to back off and wait its turn.