Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Ok, the plan isn't quite together yet, but I like what's happening so far. Remember the Plan B pic I posted yesterday? Well here's another progress pic showing what I accomplished today. Keep in mind that I have a lot more shading to do, so when I'm done the hair should look softer and the faces should look less blobby and more defined. We'll have eyelashes!! The figures are loosely (very loosely!) based on a photo of my sister, Sandy, and me taken this past March in Key West. She has as much of a shoe jones as I do, if not more, and we've been known to each buy the same thing --- shoes, shirts, books, greeting cards --- independently of each other, only to find out about it the next time we get together. So although I don't have a title yet (gee, THAT'S real surprising....NOT!), I'm doing a sort of "sisters shared shoe daydream" kind of idea.

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