Thursday, June 23, 2005

Review Revisited

Back in May I wrote a review of a book I'd just finished reading called "Dies The Fire". People who have been reading RSR for a while may remember it was the post where I ranted about what I call "Hidden Trilogy Syndrome". (Although I liked the book!) This morning I got a comment from the author, S.M. Stirling, telling me the title of the upcoming sequel and giving a link to his website. He has some sample chapters posted there and I read a few this morning and liked what I read. I'll definitely be reading the sequels now that I KNOW it's a trilogy and can calm down about that. Mr. Stirling apologized for the Hidden Trilogy thing and told me it's the publisher's choice, not his, which doesn't surprise me at all. Maybe I should rant at the publisher about the Hidden Trilogy Syndrome! Anyway, if anyone else is interested in reading more about the book or the sequels, you can click on the link above. I recently bought another of Mr. Stirling's books, "Conquistador", but haven't read it yet.

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