Wednesday, June 22, 2005

When Julie Talks

In response to my "Once Upon a Time" post, Julie said, "My advice is: Forget it and Go buy some shoes!" Julie is clearly a visionary genius who should be running the world. Seriously, think about it! Can't decide who should own that piece of land you're killing each other over? Forget it and go buy some shoes! Arguing about religion? Forget it and go buy some shoes! I'm telling you, the world would be a better place. It was certainly a WAY better idea than anything else I had planned, so...I went and bought some shoes! (I also bought some groceries, but the hell with that. It's all about the SHOES, baby!) So here they are. (The shoes, not the groceries.) What do you think? J is out of town today and hasn't seen them yet. I think he'll say I'm insane. But I think they're so ugly they're cute. Sort of like a SharPei puppy! And they're pretty much the antithesis of pastel floral anything. They make me smile. Beats therapy! :-)

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