Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bad News and Good News

The Bad: Where's Unkymoods?? Does anyone know where the Unkymoods site went? It just disappeared yesterday and still isn't there today. I sure hope it's just a temporary server glitch or something and that the artist hasn't decided to discontinue it without warning. Not that I'd really have a right to bitch, since it's something he does for free, but when has that ever stopped me? (snort!) I LOVE my little Unkymoods icon!! I miss her!! The Good: For Yarn and Thread Junkies Here's a new site for you to check out: Farm Fresh Textiles The owner, Cherie Ekholm, is a friend of mine. We've been on a couple of email lists together for years and even got some face time a couple of years ago when we both attended the Spring Quilt Festival in Chicago. She's been dyeing fabrics for years, but has recently gotten into dyeing yarns and threads in such a big way that she's decided to turn it into a business. The website is new, so she doesn't have a lot of stock yet, but what she has is YUMMY and she's dyeing and updating nearly every day, so check back often. She has a good eye for color and besides that she's just a really nice person! If you decide to place an order, I promise she'll treat you right. Other Stuff I should probably get some work done, but I've been so unhappy with everything I've tried the past few days that I'm seriously considering taking yet another Hooky Day to go see a movie. The almost-local cinema is showing "Bewitched" and "Batman Begins" and a couple of others that I can't remember right off-hand. Decisions, decisions...

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