Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bruises, Shoeses, and Other Newses

Thank you, everyone, for all the "poor babies" and encouraging words! My arms still look rather hideous today, but are much less sore. As a reward for putting up with all that yesterday, I've made a lunch date with my sister for today and she's even managing to take a long enough lunch that we can have a little sisterly shoe shopping time. Stay tuned... Speaking of shoes, I found SUCH a cute pair on Tuesday and would have bought them in a heartbeat, but they fit weird. I don't know what was up with that. We are nearly all slightly hand a little larger, one foot a little larger, etc....and for me my left foot is the "big" one, but it's so slight that 95% of the time it isn't enough to even notice. But on these shoes, every pair I tried (and I tried 5 different pairs in 2 different sizes!) was sloppy-big on my right side and too tight across the instep on the left. It made me paranoid that my left foot was swollen or something, but no. I tried on another style just to see and they fit fine. (Didn't like them well enough to take them home though.) So the problem was definitely the shoes, not my feet. If my right foot were the larger one, they probably would have fit perfectly! Oh well, it wasn't meant to be. And speaking of weird (aren't my smoooooth segues from subject to subject impressive?!), I got my first "recruiting" letter from AARP yesterday. What a lovely capper to a lovely day, yes? Right. It said that according to their records I was eligible to sign up and they wondered why I hadn't. Um, sorry guys, but your intel is flawed. Get back to me in 2012. My dearest darling, however, WILL be turning 50 in about 3 months and he hasn't heard a peep from them. Go figure. Ok, time to get off this thing and go talk to Sandy, eat Indian food, try on shoes, and perhaps sip a frappuccino. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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