Monday, July 18, 2005

A Harry Potterish Day

Like a huge number of other people, I got the latest Harry Potter book on Saturday. I was in the middle of another book I'm enjoying, so I wasn't planning to read it until I'd finished the current novel, (and was even considering re-reading the earlier HP books before reading the latest one), but I've seen so many near-spoilers in the past couple of days that I decided I'd better go ahead and read the damn thing before some big-mouth spoils it for me. So I started it last night, finished around 250 pages before going to bed. Today I plan to blow off doing anything useful and sit on my ass reading until I finish it. Despite being long, it's a quick read, so hopefully by tomorrow I'll done and can get back to the other book I was reading AND to working some more on the little quilt I barely started on Saturday. In the meantime, before I disappear, here are two more photos from kristen. The first one is so that you can see the 'shape-i-ness' of Irene's quilt. The second pic is just one I loved, of Irene and her Nana (aka Mrs. K, aka Susan) painting the very beginnings of tree trunks on Irene's newly-pink room. Ok, off to read.