Sunday, July 17, 2005

"Not Quite Irene" Updated (with photos!)

I got an email from kristen yesterday afternoon that the package had arrived. Yay! And despite my feeling that I didn't quite get the quilt "right", it turns out that I got it close enough that both Irene and her little brother, Rhys, knew exactly who it was supposed to be. :::beam::: kristen sent lots of pics, along with commentary about what the kids said. Here are three of my favorites: Irene: "It's ME! It's SO beautiful! Oh look! It's when I was the dinosaur. And she made my curlies too." Irene: "It makes me feel all the loves. I want to keep it with me and snuggle with it." Rhys: "It's Rene Bean! It's my RENEBEAN!" (I must mention here that when kristen was pregnant, I tried really hard to talk her into naming her as-yet-unborn son 'Igon Spengler DeHaan [name that movie!!] but for some reason she thought 'Rhys' would be cuter! Go figure! [grins]) Thanks for the photos, kristen. I feel all the loves too.

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